“An Unsafe Place: A Love Story”

An Unsafe Place:A Love Story is a musical in the works. The story and lyrics are written by Will Holcomb and the music by Matt Torrez. The main character, Guy Tucker, is a poet working in a factory. The absurdity of life is driving him crazy. At night, he lays in bed studying his ceiling and starts to see messages in the stucco. He thinks ‘The Monster’ is trying to communicate to him through the stucco in his ceiling. When he wakes up, he goes to the factory and tries to get through the monotonous day. This is, until Bency starts to work at the factory. She starts to bring Guy back to reality and gets people listening to his poems. People start listening to his ideas about the absurdity of life in the factory and things go down from there.

Some of the music and poems for this will be posted under the Poems and Songs tab.

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