In the Jaw

In the Jaws was written when editing Part 3 of The Infinite Jeff.  Matt Torrez has put it to music for An Unsafe Place: A Love Story. Here is a preliminary recording of it.


Text version:

The wolf prowls through the forest
The trapper sets the trap
The wolf has pangs of hunger
The trapper has the map

The jaws snap and crush the bone
The trapper wins the hide
A lonely pain fills the air
The wolf gnaws and dies

A baby’s born of woman
With air, with food and free
Musts and shoulds are gathered
Demanded by society

The baby succumbs to adulthood
Freedom a forgotten past
The trapper gives a mortgage
The future now is cast

The car, the food, the living
The jaws snap and crush the bone
A lonely pain fills the house
Which is only theirs in loan

Forty hours are stolen
From a life with more to give
Poems unwritten, songs unsung
The trapper thrives and lives

By Will Holcomb (2016)


  • Life truly is a balance in our modern society. To somehow be able to do what you were put on this earth to do vs the trappings of society that can prevent one’s fulfillment. Love the mortgage being the trapper … Great poem. Thanks

    • Yes, it is a very hard balance and I sure don’t balance it too well. Hope you have had a chance to look around the site and feel free to share.

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