The Monster’s Message

This is the initial version of what will be the opening number in An Unsafe Place: A Love Story. I have been having some discussions about whether to call this a musical or rock opera. As you can tell from this song, this isn’t your typical musical.

Lyrics by Will Holcomb
Music written and performed by Matt Torrez

The Monster’s Message

There’s a message for me in the stucco
It’s like mad man’s written Morse code
I lay in bed trying to decipher it
The pattern is almost there

The crickets chirp a rhythm
It makes the pattern come to life
The clock blinks twelve continually
The Sun destroys a night’s work

I read a book once but I forgot the name
It was about a time so long ago
Men killed men because they believed
They believed they were supreme

A monster was born in those days
The monster’s never died
My ceiling each night tries to tell me
The world has taken a step back

The end of infinity feels closer tonight
We are approaching a time to choose
We can strap bombs to innocent children
Or we can talk to the winds and the Sun

The monster has no opinion
It only beckons us to pick a path
Visionaries have written wisdom
Ignored by the angry mass

Copyright 2016


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