The Puzzler

I had a workshop for The Puzzler with two long time fellow actors. The Puzzler was a play that was in my head for a very long time and I finally decided to get it out of my head and just write it. There are only two characters and the set is simply a table with puzzles on it and two chairs. I went into the workshop expecting to rewrite the play once I was able to see it actually played out. The first time through they just read the lines to get a feeling for it. I asked for feedback. Their thoughts were the same as mine. It read very well. Next they went to a table and chairs and played the scripts as best they could while reading their lines. The reaction … it played very well with a few minor suggestions.

I came home after this and thought more about it. Then I worked the suggestions into the script. I fight the fear that I’m missing something important. The chance of writing a script and having the first draft be almost the same as the final draft is almost inconceivable to me.


We performed at Hyde Park’s Frontera Fest on January 31st 2018 and will be doing dinner theater at Coach Q’s in Smithville Texas and some other dinner venues.


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