The Infinite Jeff Update

I posted an accountability post in March on Facebook.

Here’s the plan and what is happening:

Part 4 has to be right. Did anyone else watch Lost? My wife and I loved it. We couldn’t wait until the next season came out. That was until it ended. We watched the final episode and felt like we wasted six seasons. TIJ cannot repeat that. The current version of part 4 needs work. I have grown a lot as a writer since I wrote it. The story is great but the writing needs to be better. Every time I look at it to start editing, I get overwhelmed because fixing it is going to take so much work.

So … the plan … I just finished re-reading part 1 and making some minor edits. I’m sending that to a wonderful proofreader to make sure it is ready. I’m about to start re-reading part 2. A while back, I reached out to a wonderful woman asking from some cultural perspective. The feedback she gave me was profound and needs to be included. I will be putting that into part 2 and then part 3 when I re-edit it. All of this is to get ready to re-write part 4. I will be taking notes as I re-read the parts so that part 4 captures what needs to be captured. I was thinking about the current ending yesterday and smiling. I think you’re going to love it. But there is some much that need to happen besides a great ending.

The good news is, as I’m thinking about re-writing part 4, I’m getting excited. It was hard to get excited about trying to fix the current version. Every time I looked at it, I would just put it down because of the work it needed. Writing is one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever done. Editing is one of the most painful things I’ve ever done.

In other news, I have a graphic artist friend who read part one and loved it. I asked if he would be interested in doing the covers for the other parts. His response, “I’d be honored.” He sent me the first versions the other day. I think they look very classy and professional. He is making some changes based on feedback from people. I hope to have those soon. When I get those, and after I finish the editing of each part, I will be releasing printed copies on Amazon along with the eBooks.

If you normally don’t go to my website, please look below and click the “Follow Will Holcomb” button. That will give you notifications when I update the site. While you are here, look around and if you like something, share it with your friends. TIJ is moving. I have never really pushed it. I put it out there just to get some feedback as to whether it was worth my time and effort. The feedback has let me know just how important TIJ is in today’s world. When part 4 is done, I will be doing a massive push to get it seen. The more people who are following my writing now, the easier and more effective that push will be. You are a big part of the success of TIJ. Thanks for all you do and all your support.

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