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Talking behind Jeff’s back

The Infinite Jeff spurs many thoughts and questions in people’s mind while they are reading it. It’s very common for people to say they want to talk to me after they read it. With that in mind, I’ve set up a time to meet with readers for March 4th at Leo’s Italian grill in Cedar Creek, Texas. If this goes

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Today I became a #1 bestseller

I started The Infinite Jeff about twelve years ago. It’s a four-part series with three parts published. It has taken a massive amount of work and patience to write, edit, and publish the three parts over those twelve years. Marketing it is a totally different skill set but, for a self-published author, this is a skill set they must learn

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Discover new books – Shepherd

The Infinite Jeff has been featured on a unique new online bookstore. One of the best ways to find new books is through recommendations from others. In The Infinite Jeff, the book’s namesake, Jeff, continually hands out books to people he meets because he knows that the right book at the right time in someones life is transformative. Shepherds is

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T-shirt design by a reader!

You never know what doors the next book opens for you. Sheena, an avid reader, won a copy of The Infinite Jeff in a giveaway and it instantly became one of her favorite books. She loved it so much that she started making some graphics for it. Check out her T-shirt design and get yours today. This is a conversation

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What would Jeff do?

The wisdom of The Infinite Jeff is now available on a T-shirt along with the important question, “What would Jeff do?”. The back has the quote from Jeff, “It’s all part of the experience.” There’s also an organic cotton baseball style hat with “What would Jeff do?” There is more to come. We are working with graphic artists to come

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Nice article about my writing journey

I’ve verbally told the story countless times about how I became a writer, but I had never written it down. I want to thank Voyage Austin for reaching out to me and giving me the opportunity to talk about my writing and I want to thank them for helping other artists be heard. Self-promotion is a hard thing for creative

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