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Lots of work and time

This writing thing isn’t for the lazy. 🙂 I started The Infinite Jeff in 2010. Since then, it has gone through many, many edits. I work full time as a software engineer and have a full family life, so writing comes in the cracks of time and energy. Besides The Infinite Jeff, in the years I since I started writing,

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Exciting! Shakespeare Rocks!

My son and I wrote Shakespeare Rocks for the Bastrop Opera House youth troupe to take to the Texas Non-profit Theater youth festival in Odessa Texas in 2013. It was a huge hit. What was great about the show is it gave small doses of Shakespeare broken up with a modern story about a kid having to write a report

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Clinically Un-Depressed

Theater is an amazing thing. I’ve been working to get the show ready to open . What is amazing is all the people giving of themselves to make things happen. To bring Clinically Un-Depressed to life at the Bastrop Opera House, besides the cast, we have have people helping with the set, working on the lighting, marketing, writing music, singing

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The Infinite Jeff Update

I posted an accountability post in March on Facebook. Here’s the plan and what is happening: Part 4 has to be right. Did anyone else watch Lost? My wife and I loved it. We couldn’t wait until the next season came out. That was until it ended. We watched the final episode and felt like we wasted six seasons. TIJ

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Frontera Fest – The Puzzler – Community

Last night I found out The Puzzler didn’t advance at Hyde Park’s Frontera Fest in Austin. It would be a straight up lie to say I’m not disappointed. But on the other hand, so much came out of doing it. One of my biggest take away is community. I have lived in Smithville, Texas for almost a quarter of a century. Longer

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Black Beetle

I have been trying to decide if I really want to share this song or not.  It will be part of An Unsafe Place: A Love Story which is a story about a journey out of insanity. This song will be sung towards the beginning of the show at the height of the character’s despair.  When I had Matt Torrez record it,

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