The Infinite Jeff

Stanley, an out of work tech writer, who is deeply unsatisfied with the lack of meaning in his life. To him, work serves only to put money in the checking account. Church is filled with messages he can’t connect with so Christianity feels out of reach. Out of desperation to support his family, he takes a short-term contract job on the other side of the country. He cannot afford to fly so he packs his car for the cross-country journey. The trip gets strange almost immediately when he reluctantly picks up a hitchhiker.

The Infinite Jeff is a book of our times. It is high on lists with other great spiritual fiction, inspirational fiction and takes a deep look at how we could build a world that works for everyone.
As one reviewer said on
“What a great book! Easy to read, hard to put down but certainly pertinent to the lives of many during these days.

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The much requested Audiobook is in the works!! - I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked if there is an audiobook version of The Infinite Jeff. I understand and I love audiobooks for my long drives. Well, great news. Thanks to the very talented David Treadwell and his voice perfectly suited for audiobooks, the audiobook is coming. I wanted to share his first pass at at
The Infinite Jeff A Parable of Change for a Changing World - My editor added the subtitle A Parable of Change and I liked it at the time. Now, I  love it, it is the perfect message for our current world. We have entered into a time modern humanity has never experienced. We are in a time of great change. We have seen our economy shut down and people are trying to
Best Spiritual Fiction What’s in a name? - The writing process is an interesting creature. When I started writing the rough draft of The Infinite Jeff, I was new to writing. I had an idea of what the story was but it was mostly stream of conscious and letting the story be what the story was. When it came to the point of naming characters, I stopped and
The Infinite Jeff Update - I posted an accountability post in March on Facebook. Here’s the plan and what is happening: Part 4 has to be right. Did anyone else watch Lost? My wife and I loved it. We couldn’t wait until the next season came out. That was until it ended. We watched the final episode and felt like we wasted six seasons. TIJ
The Infinite Jeff The Infinite Jeff - The Infinite Jeff , #1 Best Spiritual Fiction on Goodreads, is a story for our time, introducing some new ways to look at some old ideas. This is Inspirational fiction like nothing you have read before. Stanley, an out of work tech writer, who is deeply unsatisfied with the lack of meaning in his life. To him, work serves only