Plays by Will Holcomb

Produced plays available for purchase:


Clinically Un-Depressed – The play America needs right now. It is entertaining and changes lives. This is a play that brings people back to watch again. The main character, Cole Black, transforms everyone around him, including the audience.

“The Puzzler” - The Puzzler is a one-act, two-person play with minimal set. There is a short version and a longer version. 1 male, 1 female Run time: 20 – 40 minutes depending on the version Blanch, a self-centered woman, has community service hours to perform for a drunk driving conviction and does so at a nursing home. She sees the easiest way of
“Shakespeare Rocks!” - Shakespeare Rocks was written to introduce youth to Shakespeare in a fun way. It was first performed by the youth troupe of Bastrop Opera House and performed at TNT Youth Conference in Odessa Texas at The Globe Theater. What made this work especially interesting was the mixing of live performance with video. The story is of a boy who begrudgingly has

The following plays are in various stages of editing and pre-production:

“An Unsafe Place: A Love Story” - An Unsafe Place:A Love Story is a musical in the works. The story and lyrics are written by Will Holcomb and the music by Matt Torrez. The main character, Guy Tucker, is a poet working in a factory. The absurdity of life is driving him crazy. At night, he lays in bed studying his ceiling and starts to see messages in the