Poems & Songs

The following are poems written by Will Holcomb.

Sea of Crises - Guy Tucker, the main Character in, An Unsafe Place: A Love Story is a poet but doesn't read his poetry to anyone. That is until Bency comes into his life. This is the first poem he ever reads to anyone.
In the Jaw - In the Jaws was writing when editing Part 3 of The Infinite Jeff. Matt Torrez has put it to music and we will be recording it soon as part of the songs for An Unsafe Place: A Love Story
Trumpets Did Announce -
There once was a foolish king
Who ruled a vast land
His grandiose vision
Was forged in the past of man

The following are songs written by Will Holcomb:

The Monster’s Message - This will be the opening song for An Unsafe Place: A Love Story. You will quickly hear, this isn't your typical musical.
Shade of a Different Color -
You and me - can’t you see
Are in a world - of peculiarity

Black’s not white - ‘cept for Thursday night
Oh, the moon is bright - and all is right